Precision Files - Screwhead

Manufactured according to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, cutting performance and service life.
Compared to engineers’ files, precision files have marked tapering and smaller tips, sharp edges, strict dimensional and flatness tolerance and a higher and uniform hardness. That is obtained using, in all manufacturing steps, the most advanced CNC systems and the best available robotic technologies.
Overall length 3" (75 mm).
Available with thickness of 0.3, 0.5 or 0.7 mm.
Suitable For: wood.
Applications: musical instruments.
Suitable Handles: plastic handle
Made in Italy
All our products are entirely made in Italy by CORRADI. Read more
Cut Reference      more info: scale of cut
Precision Files mm 100-150-200
cut 0016 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 020 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 125 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 231 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 338 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 446 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
Precision Files mm 250
cut 0012 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 016 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 120 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 225 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 331 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 438 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)

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