Double Ended Three Square Saw Files Extra Slim Taper, set of 3

Suitable for hand saws. Single cut.
Manufactured according to ISO 234 tolerances.
Set of 3 models:
8" (200 mm), cross section 6.5 mm;
9" (225 mm), cross section 8.5 mm;
10" (250 mm), cross section 9.5 mm.
Suitable For: hand saws.
Applications: sharpening.
Suitable Handles: plastic handle
Selecting the right type of three square file
according to saw points per inch

5 teeth/inch 7" Regular Taper
5 teeth/inch 7" Regular Taper
6 teeth/inch 7" or 8" Slim Taper
7 teeth/inch 7" or 8" Slim Taper
8 teeth/inch 6" Slim Taper, 7" Extra Slim Taper
9 teeth/inch 6" Extra Slim Taper
10 teeth/inch 5" or 6" Extra Slim Taper
Made in Italy
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