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ConditionsR.M.A. TOOLS by Ponchia Federico, later on named RMA, with registered offices in Legnaro - Padua (Italy), registered at Padua Company Register (n. PNCFRC81L23D325Q), is the manager of the website www.corradishop.com.

1. Terms of purchase
  • The customer can only buy the products contained in the online catalogue at the time of the order at the online address (URL) www.corradishop.com, as they are described in the product sheet. Please note that the picture supplied in the product sheet is not fully representative of its features - it can be different in colour, size, accessories in the picture. All the information about the purchasing service (glossary, purchase guide, etc..) is simply informative generic material which does not refer to the actual features of the single product.
  • The receipt of the order and the payment made at the shopping cart is confirmed by RMA by automatic reply via e-mail to the customer's email address. The confirmation message will show date and time of the placing of the order, confirmation of the payment made and order number to be used for any other further contact with RMA. The message contains all the data entered by the customer whose responsibility it is to check and to promptly communicate any necessary corrections, according to the terms supplied in this document.
  • For USA orders, RMA accepts orders with a minimum products total of 40,00 €, VAT included. For Canada orders, RMA accepts orders with a minimum products total of 100,00 €, VAT included.
  • For companies and businesses, proper authorization it is mandatory in order to place the order.
2. Terms of payment
  • The payment of the goods by the customer will be made following the terms chosen at the placing of the order. RMA accepts two terms of payment: payment with Debit/Credit Card, payment with PayPal. The customer is asked to pay nothing but the total of the order, shipping charges included.
  • The payment must be made at the end of the order. In the shopping cart the necessary information to carry out the transaction can be found.
  • After payment has been made, it will no longer be possible to make any changes to the order.
3. Delivery terms and charges
  • RMA accepts orders at the website www.corradishop.com and boasts exclusive delivery in USA and Canada.
  • For any order placed at www.corradishop.com, RMA acknowledges receipt of order through invoice for the material sent. The invoice will be printed and enclosed in the package. The information given by the customer when placing the order will be used to draw up the invoice. It will not be possible to make any changes to the invoice after it has been issued.
  • The delivery charges are charged to the customer. The exact amount is transmitted by RMA and it is automatically calculated according to the weight of the package sent. A tare weight of the package is automatically calculated for an amount of 300 grams, excluding the weight of the gift packs which will be calculated separately. The shipping charges will be charged in the order invoice.
  • The tariff of the shipping charges is at the customer's disposal on the website www.corradishop.com
  • The shipping charges to USA include possible customs duties, taxes and additional services. The shipping charges to Canada don't include possible customs duties, taxes and additional services.
  • Further to the shipping of the order, RMA assigns the customer a tracking number referring to the packages sent. The tracking service of the carrier is a proof of shipping. The customer is required to carefully track the packages from 9pm on the shipping day.
  • RMA is not responsible for any delay or other anomalies in the delivery due to independent reasons or not referable to RMA.
  • Unless there is different explicit instruction, the delivery shall be road haulage. When the goods are shipped by the carrier, the customer must check:
    - that the number of shipped packages corresponds to the carrier's shipping papers data;
    - that the package is integral, not damaged nor wet or altered, even in its packaging materials (adhesive tape or metal straps).
    Possible damage to the package and/or to the product or the non correspondence to the number of packages or the data, must be immediately notified by inserting GOODS RECEIVED UNCHECKED on the carrier's shipping proof. Once the customer has signed the carrier's paper, he will not be able to contest the exterior features of the shipped goods. Possible problems linked to the wholeness, the correspondence or entireness of the received products must be notified within 3 days from delivery, according to the terms supplied in this document.
4. Guarantee
  • All RMA goods are sold with an agreed guarantee from the manufacturers and with a 24-month guarantee for defects. To benefit from the guaranteed assistance, the customer must keep the invoice received together with the purchased goods.
  • The 24-month guarantee refers to the product which presents defects, provided that the product is properly used, according to custom and to indications in the technical documents provided. This guarantee is reserved to the private user (natural person who purchases the goods for purposes other than his/her own professional activity, in other words he/she purchases the goods with no reference to any VAT number in the order form). On receipt of a complaint relating to defects, RMA will arrange, without charges to the customer, to restore the conformity of the product by repairing/ replacing or reducing the price, up to the cancellation of the contract. Further to an intervention by an Authorized Assistance Centre, if the fault is not a declaration of conformity, the customer must pay for the possible checking charges and its return by the Authorized Assistance as well as the carriage born by RMA.
  • Replacement in case of DOA (Dead On Arrival: non working product on delivery) is only supplied if the manufacturer expressly provides it. Timing for substitution or possible reparation of the product exclusively depends on the manufacturer's policies.
  • In case, for any reason, the manufacturer is not able to give a guaranteed product back (repaired or substituted) to his/her customer, RMA can decide on its own personal discretion, to give the entire amount of money back or substitute it with a product with equal or higher features.
  • No damage can be demanded to RMA for possible delays in repairing or replacing items.
  • In the event that the guarantee includes the return of the product, the item must be given back by the customer in its original packaging, with all its parts; to limit the damage to the original packaging, we recommend, within reason, to put it in another box; avoid sticking any labels or adhesive tape directly on the original packaging of the product.
5. Return policy
  • If the customer is a user (natural person who purchases the goods for purposes other than his/her own professional activity, in other words he/she purchases the goods with no reference to any VAT number in the order form) he/she can exercise the return policy of purchase for any reason, without any need for explanation and without any penalty, except for the following.
  • To exercise his/her right, the customer must send to RMA a communication within 10 working days from the receipt of the goods. The communication must be sent to our email address [email protected] Once received, RMA will quickly send to the customer the instructions for the return terms. Returned goods must reach RMA within 10 days from the authorization.
  • The return policy is subject to the following terms:
    - the return policy applies to the whole product purchased, it is not possible to exercise the return policy only on a single piece or part (e.g. accessories) of the purchased product;
    - the purchased item must be intact and given back in its original packaging, with all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and add-ons: handbooks, cables, etc...); to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend, within reason, to put it in another box on which the label given by RMA with authorization return code should be attached; avoid sticking any labels or adhesive tape directly on the original packaging of the product;
    - in accordance with the law, shipping charges for any returns are charged to the customer;
    - the customer is entirely responsible for shipment until our warehouse acknowledges receipt of the goods;
    - in case of damage tof the product during transport, RMA will inform the customer (within 5 working days from the receipt of the goods in its warehouse), to let him/her instigate legal proceedings against the chosen carrier in good time and receive the refund for the value of the goods (if insured); in this case, the product is at the customer's disposal for its return, simultaneously cancelling the return request;
    - RMA is not responsible for any damage or theft/ loss of non insured returned items;
    - on arrival at the warehouse, the product will be checked to evaluate any possible damage or loss not due to transport. If the packaging and /or the original packaging are spoilt, RMA will deduct a percentage from the refund due, no more than 10%, as a contribution for recovering costs.
  • Except for the possible recovery costs to the original packaging, RMA will refund the customer the full amount already paid, within 14 days from the return of the goods.
  • The return policy is void if the item received is in any way not intact (packaging and/or its content), in this case RMA shall notify:
    - the lack of external packaging and/or the internal original packaging;
    - the absence of integral elements of the product;
    - the damage of the product because of various reasons not due to transport.
    In the case that the return policy has lapsed, RMA will give the consigner the purchased good back, charging him/her for shipping.
6. Contact information
7. Modifications and updates to the terms
  • These sales conditions are modified and updated from time to time also in consideration of any regulatory changes. The new conditions of sale will be immediately effective and binding from the date of publication on the site.
8. Force majeure
  • RMA will make every effort to honor its obligations. However, RMA cannot be held responsible for delays or non-delivery caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Such circumstances include strikes, wars, natural disasters and any other event that makes the production, transport or delivery of the products impracticable.
9. Terms of purchase acceptance
  • The drawn up contract between RMA and the customer is concluded with the acceptance of the order, even if partial, by RMA. The acceptance is tacit, if not differently communicated in any other form to the customer. By placing the order through the supplied terms, the customer states he/she has checked all the information supplied to him/her during the purchasing procedure, and has fully verified the general and payment terms previously written.
  • If the customer is a user (natural person who purchases the goods for purposes other than his/her own professional activity) once the online purchasing procedure is over, he/she will print or save an electronic copy to keep the general terms of sale.
  • Any right of the customer for damages or a refund or indemnity is null, as well as any contract or extra-contract responsibility for direct or indirect damage to people and/or things, due to a lack of acceptance, even if partial, of an order.
  • The sale contract between RMA and the customer is concluded in Italy and it is regulated by Italian Law. To solve any civil and penal dispute about the conclusion of the present sale contract for distance selling if the customer is a user, the territory jurisdiction is the referring court of his/her town residence; for all other cases, the territory jurisdiction is only the Court of Padua.


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