GOLD Precision Rasps
GOLD Precision Rasps
GOLD Precision Rasps
GOLD Precision Rasps
GOLD Precision Rasps
GOLD Precision Rasps

CORRADI SpA is proud to present an exclusive and unique range of rasps for lute and cabinet making.

A lot of requests from our customers for very fine cut and long lasting rasps brought to a hard work in studying and testing all the tools available on international markets, from entirely hand-made to machine cut, industrial rasps. In co-operation with woodworking experts more than 90 different rasps were tested over 14 months in order to design and manufacture a top quality and versatile tool.

A great investment in R&D led to the CORRADI GOLD rasps range, completely manufactured in Italy with the best raw materials and state of the art manufacturing process. Each single step of product designing, from size to tooth shape choosing, was carefully monitored so that the result is a tool that has no equals.

CORRADI GOLD rasps are precision tools used for fine woodworking in lute making, cabinet making, sculpture on wood, though they can be used with excellent results on horn and bone, too.


Main Facts
  • never seen hardness: they have a higher surface hardness, comparable to that of files. They have, therefore, a longer service life.
  • special teeth pattern and sharpening: thanks to a new manufacturing process, completely developed by CORRADI, it’s possible to raise a unique pattern, never seen before, and a evenly raised teeth. That allows to work out fine details and a surface finishing incomparably better than any other model makers’ rasps. Despite the direction of strokes, our precision rasps truly leave no scratches on the workpiece, even though they are used by left-handers. All the above characteristics can be never achieved by hand cut rasps at all, even by the best ones.
  • fine and razor sharpening cut: their ultrafine, ultrasharp cut (the finer one available is more than 600 teeth/square inch), in comparison with traditional model makers’ rasps, allows to easily work on hardwood with tough, uneven fiber, but it can also work on softwood with an outstanding stock removal using very low pressure and a few strokes.
  • size, edges and tip: a small size, a fine and tapered tip, a cut all the way to the tip and edges, allow working on small pieces, complicated details, molded frames, finishing of chisel/gouge made details, on joints, tenons, dead and through holes.
  • wear resistance and service life: each manufacturing step is carefully supervised and all of them are made in our facilities by skilled operators using dedicated CNC machine tools developed and manufactured by CORRADI. Each rasp has been tested during manufacturing at least 5 times according to more than 10 parameters - from molding to cutting, from heat treatment to sharpening. Besides those tests, many other field tests carried out during the R&D process before the commercialization, guarantee a long lasting product in any use conditions.


Comparison between the best hand cut rasps available and CORRADI GOLD rasps
Why choosing a CORRADI GOLD rasp instead of expensive hand cut rasps?


Hand stitching doesn't allow a uniform, evenly raised tooth. On hand cut rasps, those teeth which are higher than others will leave scratches on the workpiece, while those lower will not work at all. GOLD rasps have always evenly raised teeth, since they are stitched using CNC machine tools designed and manufactured by Corradi's engineers.

Equal teeth thickness, each tooth same height

Other rasp

Unequal teeth thickness, higher and lower teeth

Other rasp

Unequal teeth thickness, higher and lower teeth

Hand cut rasps, due to hand made process, have some areas with more teeth and some areas with less teeth, which means it’s hard to reach the same result on the whole workpiece, since some areas (those with more teeth) will have a higher stock removal than others (those with less teeth). Furthermore this fact will let more difficult to guide the tool in the desired direction. GOLD rasps have always the same density as stated in the scale of cut table.
CORRADI GOLD rasp vs. other rasp

Equal vs. unequal teeth density

CORRADI GOLD rasp vs. other rasp

Equal vs. unequal teeth density

Hand cut rasps have small and widely spaced teeth, the space between one tooth and the other increases the risk of marks, while GOLD rasps have virtually no space between one tooth and the other, therefore a continuous working surface (they work more like sandpaper than rasp). The result will be a perfectly finished, smooth surface, which won’t need any further sandpaping.
Other rasp vs. CORRADI GOLD rasp

Small and widely spaced teeth vs. bit bigger but regularly spaced

Hand cut rasps always present alignment of teeth. It means that when rasping in the same direction which teeth are stitched, the rasp will leave marks on the workpiece. GOLD rasps present a regular random pattern so, unless the direction of strokes, they leave neither scratches or marks on the workpiece, even if used by left-handers.
Other rasp vs. CORRADI GOLD rasp

Teeth alignment vs. no teeth alignment

Other rasp vs. CORRADI GOLD rasp

On the left, deep scratches left using a hand cut rasp on ebony

The best hand cut rasps have a surface hardness of approx 59-60 HRc. GOLD rasps, made with special tool steel used for precision files manufacturing, have a surface hardness of 65-66 HRC. That means a longer service life and a long lasting bite even if working on hardwood (ebony, palisander, wenge, teak).
Hand cut rasps not always come to a small, fine tip. GOLD rasps have always fine tips.
Other rasp vs. CORRADI GOLD rasp

On the left see thick tip of a hand cut rasp; on the far left also see unequal teeth thickness, higher and lower teeth

Hand cut rasps are not always straight. GOLD rasps, thanks to robotic hardening, are perfectly straight.
Other rasp vs. CORRADI GOLD rasp

Bent zone on a hand cut rasp vs. perfectly straight GOLD rasp

Each hand cut rasp is unique: when it does not work anymore you have to buy a new one which will have a slightly different teeth density or pattern: then you may not be able to reach the same result on the workpiece as before. When you buy a new GOLD rasp, you can make sure that it will be exactly the same as your old one: that means you can continue working the same way you have done before, without affecting the result.


How to fit the rasp's tang into the handle

(video courtesy of skanwoods, instagram - website)

IMPORTANT: do not insist in heating the tang.
This operation should be as quick as possible in order not to unharden the end part of the rasp cut.

Specifications (for all models)

Suitable for
soft and hard wood

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Hand - 6″ - cut 6
Hand - 6″ - cut 6


Length inches
Length mm
Cross section mm
16.0 x 4.0
GOLD Precision Rasps mm 150
cut 6
72 teeth per cm² (tolerance ±10%)
cut 10
100 teeth per cm² (tolerance ±10%)
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