CORINOX® Precision Files - Regular Pillar
CORINOX® Precision Files - Regular Pillar

Manufactured according to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, cutting performance and service life. Compared to engineers’ files, precision files have marked tapering and smaller tips, sharp edges, strict dimensional and flatness tolerance and a higher and uniform hardness. That is obtained using, in all manufacturing steps, the most advanced CNC systems and the best available robotic technologies.

Thanks to CORINOX® coating, they:

  • have a surface hardness of 1200 HV (70-72 HRc), therefore a higher wear resistance and longer service life. That allows filing of hardened and tempered steel up to 60 HRc, hard-to-file materials like heat resistant steel, exotic alloys and reinforced plastics
  • do not clog, allowing an easy work on plastics, rubber or wood
  • have a surface corrosion-free layer, which allows filing of stainless steel leaving no corrosive residue on the workpiece

They allow filing of hard materials which normally would require diamond files, with lower cost and higher stock removal.

They are used for manufacturing of equipment for food, chemical, navy industries and nuclear powerplants. They are used in jewellery making for filing platinum.

Specifications (for all models)

Regular pillar
Suitable for
exotic alloys (nickel, molybdenum, titanium, like Inconel, etc.)
heat resistant steel
plastics (nylon, Teflon, polycarbonate)
reinforced plastics
stainless steel
steel (hardened and tempered, up to 60 HRc)
jewellers and goldsmiths

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8″ - cut 2
8″ - cut 2


Length inches
Length mm
Cross section mm
15.0 x 5.0
Precision Files mm 100-150-200
cut 00
16 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 0
20 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 1
25 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 2
31 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 3
38 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
cut 4
46 teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)
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