GOLD Molding Plane Irons

GOLD Molding Plane Irons
CORRADI GOLD molding plane irons are manufactured according to sizes, sections and tolerances of the British tradition.
They’re made using ledeburitic tool steel which provides a high edge retention and reduced brittleness, thanks to a heat treatment done according to the highest quality standards reached by Corradi SpA’s century old manufacturing know-how.
They’re hardened and tempered up to 61-62 HRc and, despite their high hardness, they well work even on heavy duty applications on very hard or abrasive wood without chipping or breaking.
The blade is hardened to a length of 30 mm from the cutting edge which allows, if necessary, further multiple resharpening.
The blade is ground on both sides with classical tapering (blade thickness 1/8” – tang thickness 1/16”) and lapped on the cutting side as to obtain an excellent cutting edge.
The irons are packed in carton boxes each containing a pair of blades (concave and convex) already shaped and sharpened, ready to use, with individual plastic protecting cap, each blade wrapped in wax paper.
Each blade has its own number and the brand “CORRADI GOLD” stamped on the cutting side.
Radius of the arc the iron cuts equals the above width of the blade and it’s calculated for 55° bedded planes.
All the irons are individually checked before packaging to avoid any defects and ensure the correct coupling of the concave iron with the convex one.
Raw material, design and manufacturing of the irons are completely made in Italy.

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