CORINOX® Needle Files

Manufactured using a special alloy steel, made for CORRADI, under the highest quality standards. They have strict size tolerances, uniform cut and hardness on the whole tool.
They are used by mold makers, goldsmiths and musical instruments manufacturers for working on small surfaces and finishing. Thanks to their round shank, they can be used also without handle. Knurling avoid any slippings.
Thanks to CORINOX® coating, they:
• have a surface hardness of 1200 HV (70-72 HRc), therefore a higher wear resistance and longer service life. That allows filing of hardened and tempered steel up to 60 HRc, hard-to-file materials like heat resistant steel, exotic alloys and reinforced plastics.
• do not clog, allowing an easy work on plastics, rubber or wood.
• have a surface corrosion-free layer, which allows filing of stainless steel leaving no corrosive residue on the workpiece.
They allow filing of hard materials which normally would require diamond files, with lower cost and higher stock removal.
They are used for manufacturing of equipment for food, chemical, navy industries and nuclear powerplants. They are used in jewellery making for filing platinum.
Suitable For: steel (hardened and tempered, up to 60 HRc), heat resistant steel, stainless steel, exotic alloys (nickel, molybdenum, titanium, like Inconel, etc.), plastics (nylon, Teflon, polycarbonate), reinforced plastics, platinum.
Applications: workshop, jewellers and goldsmiths.
Suitable Handles: wooden handle, plastic handle

Detail Version Overall length mm Shank dia. mm Cross section mm Available cuts
CORINOX® Needle Files
Warding1803.56.0 x 1.500 / 0 / 2
CORINOX® Needle Files
Equalling1803.56.0 x 1.500 / 0 / 2
CORINOX® Needle Files
Three square1803.54.100 / 0 / 2
CORINOX® Needle Files
Square1803.52.700 / 0 / 2
CORINOX® Needle Files
Round1803.53.500 / 0 / 2
CORINOX® Needle Files
Halfround1803.56.0 x 2.000 / 0 / 2

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