Modelling Files & Rasps Kit

Modelling kit dedicated to modelers, suitable for working on metal (die-cast), wood, plastics and wax. All needle rasps can also be used by goldsmiths for wax modeling.
It contains:
7 needle files 80 mm long, in the following shapes: warding, equaling, threesquare, square and halfround;
4 needle rasps 120 mm long in the following shapes: warding, square, round and halfround.
All tools are made in Italy. Limited edition set, provided in plastic pouch.
Needle files are assorted cut:
warding and threesquare are single cut, they allow filing without leaving marks where no further sandpaping is possible;
square is provided in single and double cut;
equalling is provided either cut 00-coarse or cut 2-smooth (both double cut);
the other files are double cut.
Suitable for working on metal or plastics and also for finishing on wood.
Needle rasps are all cut 2. Suitable for working on wood and wax.
Suitable For: wood, metal, plastics, wax.
Applications: woodworking, workshop, jewellers and goldsmiths.

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