Scale of cut

Teeth per cm (tolerance ±5%)121620253138465668
Needle Files--0001234-
Escapement Files---0-2-45
Handy Files-00-1-----
Die Sinkers' Rifflers---0-2-4-
Die Makers' Rifflers-0-2-----
Special Die Makers' Rifflers mm 190-210-0-2-----
Special Die Makers' Rifflers mm 3000-2------
Riffler File-rasps for Sculptors0--------
Precision Files mm 100-150-200-0001234--
Precision Files mm 2500001234---
Files for Air Powered Filing Machines000-0------

Teeth per cm² (tolerance ±10%)22325472100
Needle Rasps--02-
Handy Rasps-02--
Model Makers' Rasps mm 125-200-4-6-
Model Makers' Rasps mm 250-30056---
GOLD Precision Rasps mm 150---610
GOLD Precision Rasps mm 250---810
Riffler Rasps--02-
Riffler File-rasps for Sculptors-0---
Combi Riffler Rasps mm 190--02-
Combi Riffler Rasps mm 300-02--

Teeth per cm (tolerance iso 234)6812162025
Engineers’ Files mm 100-125---1-B2-MD3-D
Engineers’ Files mm 150-200--1-B2-MD3-D-
Engineers’ Files mm 250-300-350-1-B2-MD3-D--
Aluminium Files mm 200-2500-----
Formica File-0----

Milled Tooth
Teeth per inch912
Milled Tooth Files mm 250-1
Milled Tooth Files mm 300-35013

Teeth per cm² (tolerance iso 234)811141722
Rasps mm 150-200-1-B-2-MD-
Cabinet Rasps mm 150-200---2-MD3-D
Rasps mm 250-3001-B-2-MD--
Cabinet Rasps mm 250-300--2-MD3-D-

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